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Affordable Legal Solution has provided legal representation in Colorado Springs and Pueblo for 25 years!!!

Affordable Legal Solution is designed to provide you with an attorney that will determine the legal representation you need and provide you with that legal representation at a fair price. Many attorneys require new clients to pay them a retainer without discussing the total cost. They then use up the initial retainer doing things that do not solve the client’s legal problem. They then demand the client pay more money. If the client is unable to pay the additional money demanded the attorney will withdraw from the case. The client is then left without an attorney when an attorney is most needed. At Affordable Legal Solution it is determined at the beginning what a client can afford to avoid this serious problem.


Another problem is that many attorneys require clients to pay a large retainer to cover legal services that might or might not be needed, such as going to trial. The attorney will then use up the retainer doing unnecessary things and the client will not get any of their money back, even if the case does not go to trial. At Affordable Legal Solution the attorney provides specific legal services and the client is informed at the beginning what these services are going to cost.

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