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Affordable Legal Solution has provided representation in Family Law cases in Colorado Springs and Pueblo for 25 years!!!
Family Law

Affordable Legal Solution, in most cases, offers the client a choice; between the traditional method of paying a retainer and being billed at $250.00 an hour, or being charged a flat fee. When you call in we have you provide the facts of your case (how long married?, kid? ect…) and then we can give you a quote for a flat fee. We will also describe for you in detail how the flat fee agreement will work.

Another thing we do that differs from other law offices is that we complete you case as quickly as possible. The flat fee agreement gives us an incentive to not delay your case. When you are billed by the hour the law office has an incentive to take as long as possible and thereby be able to continue sending you monthly billings statements.

Finally, we take advantage of all the procedures the Court has put in place to move cases quickly through the system. Once again, most law offices do not use these procedures because they result in the law office not being able to charge as much per case.

At Affordable Legal Solution we will get you in quickly and get your case started immediately. Give us a call.

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